What to Wear in Springtime When its Still Freezing – The Rockferry Dress From Madcap England


When its spring, still freezing outside and you want to get your legs out, what do you wear?? Clinging onto winter, it can be hard to put a bit spring into your wardrobe. The best way is always re-using pieces you treasure, with a slight twist.

When your wardrobe tells a tale…

I have collected original and reproduction vintage for about four years now. One of my favourite reasons for doing so is the romance and story behind each piece. When your wardrobe tells a tale, it is a beautiful thing.The “Lottie” from Madcap England is a tennis polo shirt named after Charlotte “Lottie” Dod. An incredible tennis player and athlete.

She is named as the most versatile female athlete of all competing in other sports such as golf, field hockey and archery to name a few. After winning Wimbledon five times (the first time being just 15 years of age) she was tipped as “a woman to be heard of in the future,” and she remains to this day known as the “Little Wonder.”

The dress version of the “Lottie” is the “Rockferry” from Madcap England – named after the tennis club that Lottie trained at. Also coincidentally the same Rock Ferry that Duffy named her album after. I love that it has so much history from its name and style. Comfortable to wear, I have styled it with some over the knee suede tan boots and a beehive (because a beehive goes with everything right?) I have also worn this many times since with converse and a cropped denim jacket too. The white trim detail to the collar and sleeve cuff give this piece that authentic tennis feel. The only way possible that it could be even better is if there was a white version with deep red trim (tennis wear dreams right there.) But I guess navy does go with every thing and every body right?

“Rockferry – Duffy”
I’d move to Rockferry.
And I’d build my house, baby.
With sorrow.

Thanks mainly to Fred Perry (but lets not forget our Charlotte “Lottie Dod too) the polo shirt / polo dress are a firm piece of history within mod culture and the music of the time. Northern Soul seemingly “came with a polo shirt” and was worn a plenty by soulies everywhere. If you are delving into mod culture, music or fashion then you are sure to come across the polo shirt or polo dress. Polo shirts are also ideal for layering when it’s cold under a knitted vest or shift dress or pinafore. Glam them up with a mini or wear them casual with jeans or capris. However you wear – they are definitely a sixties staple.

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Three reasons to love the Rockferry dress are:

1: If you are a mum like me, it is perfect for chucking on with converse and dancing about with the kids. Simple and easy to wear. If you have to chase your mini humans around the park, you can still move about in it.



2: It washes really well and only needs a quick run over with the iron. Ideal if you are rushing about. Made from 100% cotton, it keeps you cool if you have a million and one things to do.



3: The flattering A-line tailored fit still helps you feel sassy while dressing casual. So versatile and easy to wear all year round; tights for autumn and winter or bare legs for spring and summer.


Wearing the Rockferry dress from Madcap England.

Suede knee high boots from Amazon

Photos credit to C.Williams


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