When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall…. || The Voodoo Vixen Blake Dress


My favourite season of the year, autumn, is just around the corner. With it comes reflection on this year so far, a year of letting go and vast change. If this year has taught me anything, it is that sometimes it is better to move on than to try and make something work. Because you don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.

When Autumn leaves start to fall…

UntitledTaken on my birthday, these shots were a walk in the park (literally.) Having had some time off to move house, get settled and hold the largest housewarming ever (think feeding 42 people for curry out of your kitchen!) it was nice to get back to business.

The Blake dress from Voodoo Vixen is part of their new AW17 collection. Launched a few weeks ago at Fontaines Bar, London, I really enjoyed performing on stage as part of the night. I would recommend the Blake dress if you are taller as I think it would be a better knee length if you have naturally long legs. I am not as blessed in that department unfortunately but I still really like the midi length it falls on me.

Serving Air Hostess Realness, the Blake has a striking double white stripe to both cuffs and hem. With a cosy high polo neckline and decorative buttons to the front, it’s all going on. Pair with mod boots like these ones from Olive Aubrey or flats if you are rushed off your feet. Right now, it is still nice enough to wear bare legged but I will definitely be donning my knee boots or tights when it gets cooler.

The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let dead things go…

Musically, so much has changed for me in this last year. As the above statement sums it up perfectly, sometimes it is important to move on and just let it all go. I have taken some time, written a million lists and planned to take over the world in and amongst all of that. After going back to basics, I am coming back armed with music. Watch out for more Instavids, more YouTube covers, originals and a beefed up SoundCloud. Thanks for sticking with me – it means more than you will ever know.

Many thanks to Voodoo Vixen & C.Williams

Blake Dress – Voodoo Vixen

Boots – Olive Aubrey




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