Whiskey & The Hazel Skirt with Bright & Beautiful, Collectif.


her walk is like a shot of whiskey.

neat and strong

and full of purpose.

and so many

underestimate her


Jm Storm

Today, I am whiskey. The sort that knocks you off your feet and makes you reach for a glass of ice cool water. No messing about, taking no prisoners and best food forward. Fierce, intrepid and ready. I made a choice for change a few weeks back and I am now in the full throttle of that. I have really missed regularly blogging over the summer (whilst moving house, unpacking and having birthdays etc) and although I have still been performing regularly, I have not written as many thoughts down as I probably should have done. But. I. Am. Back.

And totally feeling fabulous in this autumnal get-up with this Hazel suede skirt c/o Bright & Beautiful Co and Collectif clothing. Last season they had a pinafore in this soft suede fabric which I wear quite a bit so naturally needed the skirt too (you can still get the pinafore this season too – bonus!)

With a sassy 10 inch front split and tailored but stretchy fit, it is one of those “can’t miss it” staple items that your wardrobe is begging for. 


The Hazel skirt from Bright & Beautiful is definitely bright and most beautiful. The vibrancy is to be seen to believed, it totally packs a punch. Perfect with polo necks, tanks, tees, the list goes on. I would say size down as the fabric has a lot of stretch and definitely wear with pretty much everything you have in your wardrobe, well jus because. The only skirt you want to have in your autumn wardrobe is this one.

I have been busy recording a brand new video for my YouTube channel – a cover of Autumn Leaves (Eva Cassidy version) – something I have been wanting to do for so long now. I have neglected my YouTube for quite some time now whilst focussing on other projects and it is time it got some TLC. You can take a look at the brand new video by clicking here….

Wearing the most fabulous Hazel skirt from the new AW17 Bright and Beautiful collection was an easy choice. Paired here with a vintage lurex jumper that has probably seen better days (and adventures) but somehow still stays put in my wardrobe. Oh and stop the bus. Have you seen these beauties from Ruby Shoo – the Kaylee Olive shoo from the new Autumn Winter 17 collection??? If Autumn was a shoe, it would be this pair right? I love the highland tartan pattern and colours and the block heel makes them comfy to work all day and dance all night in. With a simple 70s twist to the front in the style of a loafer and burnt orange piping to complete, they are a perfect all rounder.

Did I mention they have a matching bag…..





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