Why I Edit My Instagram Feed

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I wish the world was full of colour. My face trying to imagine a world where people watched television in black and white, contorted confusion. For me, it is more interesting when things are vibrant, they pop out and grab you. Something that makes you want to stop, listen or take note.

That is why I started to edit my Instagram feed.

April showers give you powers.

Back in early 2019, it was full of April showers, a bit miserable outside and I was struggling. The previous few months had resulted in content that was shot in my hallway. I was trying all sorts to beat that bloody algorithm. You all loved the outfit videos, but I was left feeling uninspired with how grey they were. Of course, they were grey. They were all taken in my grey hallway with grey walls and grey carpet.

I began to imagine a brighter world. Although I didn’t know it at the time – I was months away from finally creating bright and beautiful content that I loved.




Life through a filtered lens

There has always been a lot of opinions about Instagram and how filtered it can be. Quotes flying about nearly knock you off your feet they come that thick and fast.

  • “Don’t compare yourself to a stranger on the internet! “
  • “Nothing you see on Instagram is real anyway”
  • “Live life through a nonfiltered lens”

The list is endless. But this had me thinking. If people perceive Instagram to already be a place of unreality – then why not take that one step further? Because obviously it cannot be real if I am sat in the field with a strategically placed rainbow and glittery stars dotted about. Maybe this is just my own version of real.

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This is how we do it…

If that got you singing “this is how we dooooo it….” then I apologise. But there was no better subheading. So, how I edit is a bit of a complicated process, but I like to see each post as a mini masterpiece. I really enjoy the creative process. Each post is an opportunity to imagine another possibility.

  1. Take pic.
  2. Edit with whichever filter or app you prefer to use.
  3. Import your shot into Picsart.
  4. Get creative.

Picsart up your life!

Picsart is an app that I stumbled upon and although there are limited functions in the free version, it is well worth paying for. This is not an ad, please note that this is completely my organic recommendation. I also use A Colour Story and A Design Kit as alternative editing apps. I started by browsing other users on the app and I also followed their official account on Instagram to try give me some inspiration.

My top tip would be, play around and decide what you like. You might want to add fruit, flowers or patterns. Coloured lines, stars or white doodles might be more your thing. In order to try and give your posts a “theme” I would recommend sticking to one or two stickers that you use across most if not all your content. This will make sure that when people are scrolling it looks intentional and less like you just stuck a random parrot in the background.


All the gear but no idea

When you have all the gear but no idea, you quickly become an expert. Google, research, follow like minded accounts, look for similar hashtags for inspiration and YouTube it. There are so many ways to learn how to do something. The quickest way is to do it and keep doing it until you are happy with the result.

Insta edits are fast becoming a viral trend and with lots of people jumping on the band wagon you may feel like your content is fading into the background. This is not necessarily true. You don’t always have to join in with the crowd. Great quality content will always be just that – great quality. This is undeniable. If you want to try something new, this is your corner of the net so relish in it.


Life is art in motion

For me, insta colour edits help me showcase my life as art in motion. I keep going back to it, but why do you share on social media? What is the root purpose of sharing what you have? My “why” is to fill the internet with an interesting, vibrant view on my daily grind. Insta edits are a simple way for me to express myself. They allow me to communicate to you how I wish my surroundings would look. Colour brightens up my day. It is everywhere, if we just look a bit harder.

As always, I would love to know what you think so please leave me a comment or get in touch. If you have any questions about Picsart, I will do my best to see how I can help too! Be gentle, my edits are not professional and only an extension of my creativity.

Love it or hate it – colour editing on Instagram isn’t going away. While I whole heartedly agree that you should never compare your face to another face (edited or not) I also really enjoy creating a virtual reality full of colour. My opinions are my own and as always, are open to hearing yours.


This blog post is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the brand mentioned in it. Whilst some images contain gifted items, this blog post is not part of any contractual agreement or collaboration.

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