Why I Waist Train And Perform In A Corset || A Corset Story Collaboration

Untitled Core strength from a Corset?

You would think that performing with a corset on would make you feel restricted and unable to draw enough breath to belt it out loud. For me, it is the opposite. I have been “waist training” now for a number of years on and off. My fascination first came from history and watching Downton Abbey!

My initial curiosity led me to try a corset on and to feel what it was really like for ladies all those years ago. It IS constrictive, don’t get me wrong. But after a while, you get used to it. If your corset fits you correctly then it will be comfortable to wear, even if it feels firm to begin with.

Performing in a corset has really helped correct my posture whenever I sing. I feel it has helped me learn to breath correctly and to use my diaphragm as it should be used. Having that strength to the core has really let me go for notes that I would not have reached before. Normally, I will slouch or stump and struggle to find take that deep breath I need. Now of course, not every outfit is corset friendly so sometimes I am unable to wear one underneath. It’s why I love the fifties styles so much – they are easy to disguise a corset in!

 Waist Training / Taming

Occasionally, I like to lounge about in my fluffy socks, write on my laptop with a cup of tea…. and waist train. Yes really. Sitting at a desk wearing a corset is not always for me so I sometimes fit a few hours in a corset in the evening. No, I don’t want to be a Kardashian and I am more than happy with the way that my waist looks naturally. I love the curves, the lines and way I feel when I wear a corset. Empowering, secure, ten feet tall. Those are the reasons why I wear mine.

Untitled Corset Story

Personally, Corset Story is my favourite brand of corsets, mainly due to how comfortable and affordable they are. I particularly adore their corset tops that you can wear as outerwear with a pair of jeans or a skirt. They currently have a “moving house” sale as they are due to move locations so you can grab a bargain by visiting them here.

The waist trainer in these photos is the Expert Waist Trainer in cream (longline) – available here as modelled by the super stunning Blossom and Buttercups. Previously, I have always chosen an under-bust waspie style mainly because I have a shorter torso. I find waspie’s easier to hide under clothing. Naturally, my waist is 27/28 inches so I choose a waist trainer that will reduce to a 26/27 inch waist. For me, it is more a great posture that I like than a minuscule waist. Everyone’s goals are completely different and non are more correct than another. Some people prefer to wear a trainer to help reduce and create a drastic change, and others just want to feel “all sucked in.”

This one has great hip gores, a modesty panel to the back and a longer point to the front which I really like as it feels like “more of a corset” if that makes sense. It makes me feel even more secure than a waspie.

Scroll to the bottom for more photos and to see the Red Brocade Waist Tamer also from Corset Story.

 Shape wear is the canvas. Clothes are the art.

Over on Instagram, I have recently read some derogative comments regarding shape wear. A popular opinion is that wearing a corset or shape wear is construed as “lying” and giving a false illusion. This is something I completely disagree with. Most people who wear shape wear, spanx or waist trainers are very quick to let people know that they have a trick of the trade underneath their favourite outfit. Certainly not hiding it away, they are (including myself) open about it. We wear coloured or nude tights because they go with our outfit, we are not telling any hurtful lies. It is obvious that my legs are not naturally bright mustard or a royal purple.

If you like shape wear or are thinking of waist taming/trying a corset, definitely go for it. How will you know if you do never take the plunge? When something makes you feel confident and puts a little more sass in your stride, why would you stray away from it.

To read previous collaborations with Corset Story please click here. 

Many thanks to Emma Waters Photography for images.

Corset Story for gifting.

Please note, I am not professionally trained in the art of corsetry neither do I proclaim to give an expert opinion. All comments on wearing a corset, waist training and /or taming are purely told from my own experiences. Always make sure that your corset fits you properly and is comfortable before starting the process. Please seek expert advice if you embark on an extreme waist training/taming programme. 






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