Why I wore a posh frock to the garden centre…

Untitled  Plants. I cannot grow / water / look after them to save my life. I have zero green fingered abilities and I am very open and sorry about it.

Even a simple trip to the garden centre feels like I am lost in a foreign country. I try to be one of those millennials who wants “a nice easy low maintenance green thing in a pot to really bring a shelf alive.” Every single time I attempt something like this, I fail.

My good friend and neighbour bought me an indoor plant in a huge tin planter which I really loved – for about four weeks. Then that ceased to exist. I did everything right too. Remembering (for a bit) to spritz it lightly with distilled water, I even threw some plant food its way and hoped for the best. But it was not meant to be.

Untitled Too glam to give a damn

Somehow, I am labeled/branded/ended up as “one of those glam people.” Of course, ironically I don’t give a damn. If I want to wear a posh frock and heels to pop to the shop then I will. But if I want to go in that ancient trusty hoodie I have had since I was 11 and some questionable leggings, then thats okay too. I do not feel pressure to dress up or down. Whatever I get dressed, I put something on solely based upon my mood and what I feel like.

Funnily enough, I have always been this way and becoming a mum did not change my view or my desire to dress / style things the way that I do. Society is so quick to put down those that like to make an effort. Instead they brand them as “high maintenance.” It is easy to feel like you almost shouldn’t be too over dressed, you know in case its too “extra.” The point I am trying to get across is, it’s okay to be both.

Never let anyone make you feel like you didn’t make enough of an effort or that you over dressed for the occasion either. You are who you are and who you are needs no excuses. Simple things that you do can have a huge impact. I try and make time for myself each week. Even if that only means a hot bath for an hour and a face pack. If it is those simple things that make me “a bit too fancy,” then I am fine with that. You can read all about the new skin care routine I recently began by clicking here.

UntitledA trip to the garden centre, in heels

Sometimes I think that my husband would prefer me to wear jeans and a simple white tee with some comfy converse. This is his idea of when I “look nice”. Looking back on our relationship I cannot remember one single time I ever wore that outfit. It simply appears in his imagination only. He should know by now that I prefer to express myself with colour, patterns and vibrancy instead.

The Indy Dandy floral dress from Bright & Beautiful reminds me of the perfect flower bed. Striking and eye catching, the print stands out a mile off. Just how I like it. The elbow length sleeves are slightly fluted and really flattering. The length on me is ideal, just below the knee. Made from polyester but it still has a really nice light silky feel to it when worn. I would wear this exact outfit to the office or as above, to the garden centre. My shoes are a recent bargain from everything5pounds.com and with a nice comfy blog heel and mid strap, they are surprisingly easy to last a day in.

It doesn’t matter where you are going or what you are doing, if you love what you wear then why give it a second thought.


Many thanks to Collectif / Bright & Beautiful for gifting and C.W for photos. These items were given to me to review, but all views / words are my own and a reflection of my own opinion.





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