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Most people assume that if something is old and worn then it is useless. Us vintage lovers know that if something is old and worn then it is the start of a beautiful adventure. Pre-loved items give us a twinkle in our eye and a swish in our stride. The romance of “back in the day” is sometimes simply too much for us to walk past. Those vintage beauties are coming home with us!!

Imagine our exasperation when we no longer have use for these items but simply do not want to part with them. Some vintage lovers like to preserve the old in it’s original form while other’s like to get creative and make use of them in other ways.

Old suitcases are in large supply these days and often re-used in the most imaginative of ways! This got us thinking. Now the most obvious way to re-use a vintage suitcase would be to have it featured at your retro/rustic wedding. But we wanted to inspire you to go one step further!

We found suitcase tables, shelves, seats, pet beds and guest room accessories!recycle-your-suitcaseThese are super simple to make! All you need is some table legs (you could also use old spindles) – pins and a few screws. To tie it all together, don’t forget to paint the legs in similar colour or pattern as the suitcase. Not only are they a quirky addition to any living room – but they are a secret little hideyhole for the kids toys or even the remote and TV guide!

how to turn your old suitcase into something new jpg

Of course – if you don’t have the room for a table – you could always pop your suitcase on the wall! things to do with your old suitcase

They make interesting shelves, are great for a feature wall and make a fabulous conversation starter! The tutorial below is simple shelves with the half suitcases placed on top – however – you could always secure the brackets straight onto the suitcase then the walls if you are not placing heavy objects on top of them.suitcase-shelvesIf shelves or tables are not your thing – how about turning one into a seat or pet bed? All you need is a few cushions and your pooch will be pampered in no time.suitcase-seatsSuppose you bought your first suitcase back in the 1950s. You are planning to surprise your sweetheart with a trip and hoping to sweep her off her feet! Your precious cargo is packed and you are on your way! Fast forward 65 years and you realize some lovely vintage soul has turned something so practical into a beautiful talking piece in their home. The possibilities are endless and that’s what we love about up cycling. Don’t be wasteful or hasteful – make do and mend! If something has lasted throughout the ages for all that time – be sure it can last a few more years on your wall or in your living room!

If you have a guest room in your home that is in need of some freshening up – old suitcases are the perfect accessories. Why not display one on a dressing table with cute little toiletries, or stack a few next to the bed and make an adorable side table. Your guest is guaranteed to go home and tell all their friends about the beautiful boutique bedroom they stayed in at the weekend! Be creative and turn your old suitcase into a brand new masterpiece loved over again and again!

Stay in touch with Monica Valentine at: info@monicavalentinevintage.com – or connect with us on our social media!


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