Get Wed – Rockabilly Style!

With wedding season in full swing and our customers repeatedly requesting we blog about rockabilly – we thought we would combine the two and blog about Rockabilly Weddings! Whether you are looking for a little quirkiness to add to your special day or just in love with the whole retro/rockabilly theme – then read on – this is for you!

Now we would just like to say before we get further down the page that this article is purely based on a black/white and red themed colour scheme. We know that not every body wants to look cliché and the same as all other “retro” weddings – so we invite you to have an open mind while reading and consider the same ideas in your own colour scheme! We love to inspire your ideas so we have written this article purely from that point alone!

So we shall begin….

Save The Dates / Invites

Now this is the first thing that your guests are going to receive from you and ultimately the very first clues about your wedding theme. (by theme, think more a general colour scheme and less fancy dress) If first impressions count for you – this is where they begin. Try something in your colours and think bold is beautiful. Swallows, anchors, love hearts and skulls all fit the bill. We love the blue, red and white sailor theme also for a twist on rockabilly.

For those of you keeping down the cost – why not use luggage tags (you can buy large ones from eBay – 100 for £3.20) and stamp them with love hearts, skulls and ribbon for quick and easy save the date cards.


One of the biggest things overlooked is just how important your venue is. It is the one thing that can tie all your finishing touches together and really should be the start of all your plans. Once you know where you are getting wed then you can plan literally everything around it.

We love the thought of having your reception in an old-fashioned diner or restaurant but if you are looking for something a bit larger – a marquee can be just as quirky. We saw how one couple had decorated their tables with old records, which we adore – but how about naming each table after a different rock N roller? You could have an Elvis table (complete with blow up quiff, microphone chocolates and maybe a hound dog here and there on the table.) If you do opt for a marquee, you have the perfect blank canvas to decorate with as many vintage props as possible. If you already have a lot of rockabilly influences throughout your wedding and your other half is not as keen as you are – opt for a simple but sleek black and deep red décor at your venue. Think chandeliers and black tableware with a flash of a red rose here and there.


These are those nice little thank-you treats that make your guests go “awww” before you have arrived at your venue. Not everybody has them and don’t fret if you really just don’t have the budget for them. We saw these fab ideas and think they are perfect to compliment a Rockabilly theme – and purse friendly too.

A bottle of cola – who doesn’t love a retro coke! They look amazing, can double up as a “first toast” drink, make a great mixer if your guests are drinkers and can be bought in bulk so help keep the cost down. Use a luggage tag (again bought in bulk on eBay – we love these!) and some pretty ribbon to tie around the bottle top to thank your guests for attending!

A pack of cards – Again these can be picked up from any pound shop (thrift store too) at normally 3 or 4 packs for £1 – you can write a little message onto the front of the pack thanking your guests for coming and if the children get bored during the speeches, they are a great game! Pictured here are little matchboxes made from playing cards – although a little fiddly to make perhaps, we thought these were also handy and kinda cute too!

Cookies, sweets and cupcakes – get your mother in law to be involved (only if she is good at baking mind!) and whip up a batch of gingerbread cookies iced with red and white patterns, or cute cupcakes with cherries on the top. Retro sweets also fit right in here – anything from love hearts to fizzy cola bottles.

Popcorn – doubling up as dessert, why not purchase these cinema style plastic popcorn holders – available from pound shops/thrift stores and on eBay. Pop a note in each holder inviting your guests to fill up their cone at the popcorn cart and thanking them for coming!

Tabasco Sauce – not one for the faint hearted, this peppery favour will surely get your guests talking! If you and your other half are one hot couple though, this is the perfect favour for you! If any of your guests like Bloody Mary’s – this will surely keep them sweet! Why not buy in a large jar from the supermarket or order these plastic bottles from eBay – make your own labels and fill with your own sauce!


Not for everyone – is the traditional cutting of the cake. Lots of couples decide that this is just one expense they can do without for their big day but if you have your heart set on one – try these rockin designs for size! Anything goes, from black fondant icing to a tea cup top piece! Why not mix it up and have mini cupcakes instead – or stack a load of donuts and tuck in!


With the 50s theme being extremely popular this summer, fit and flare dresses are everywhere! For great quality budget dresses – choose Lindy Bop – they have a great range in almost every colour. We particularly love the “Audrey” style as they fit perfectly and are extremely flattering. Don’t get too caught up on matching everyone either – bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes. What fits your cousin Julia (the tall athletic one who runs marathons) might not necessarily suit your best friend Bett (the 4.1 curvalicious diva who likes to werk it at every chance) so why not try matching colours instead of matching dresses.

Bridesmaids are a great way of complimenting the bride and a weddings theme, our top tip is to work with each bridesmaid on an individual basis were possible! Accessories play a key part – we love these cheeky photos, matching lingerie makes for a saucy pic to remember!


Well – this one could be a tricky customer. If your other half is more Ted Baker than Teddy Boy it may be harder to convince him to play the Rockabilly part. If of course he was the one that suggested it then skip this bit! Our best advice for convincing your husband to be that you want him to rock around the clock with you is to casually drop into conversation how hot he would look in braces/dickie bow for a few weeks before you take him suit shopping. Now we think that your hubby could play a subtle part in this theme – take a look at our below suggestions for possible groom attire. 

Simple shirts rolled up, top hats, dickie bows or braces all have influences of the rockabilly style. As the beautiful bride, it is your stage to shine on so why not let your man take a back seat. Of course, some grooms are happy to wear whatever the bride decides as long as it fits well, so maybe splash the cash on getting things tailored to fit him better – a sure fire way to keep him happy without him feeling like he is in fancy dress!


Well darling – this is your chance to shine! It is your day and every bride should look like a princess – if your style is more grungy rockabilly bride then you can adapt both into one! We love the idea of a coloured petticoat underneath your dress, it adds a nice colour kick and can complete your colour scheme too! If bright white is not quite your thing then why not go for a bold colour and pop your bridesmaids all in white with matching colour petticoats instead! With this wedding theme – it is so easy to experiment and be as creative as you want! We love pops of colours in your shoes, flowers, hair and accessories to compliment as well. Most “typical” bridal styles do tend to me a 50s tea dress or a shorter style but you could still wear any kind of dress and just accessorize accordingly!

If you feel your dress is a little plain or maybe you even like the simplicity of the tea dress – you an always dress it up with a cute birdcage veil. Easy to wear, you forget they are on your head for the day while still managing to make every photograph look utterly fabulous! If you are saving pennies – we found that you can make your own by buying combs and netting for less than £5. Why not add some flowers in with the veil to compliment your bouquet! Veils don’t have to be fussy and work great with shorter hair styles as well – helping you to feel like your hair is “done.”

They say if a lady has the right pair of shoes, she can conquer the world – so why should your wedding day not involve an equally fabulous pair!? We love these custom made beauties and think that shoes can definitely be a talking point! Choose a solid colour that either matches a petticoat or coordinates with your bouquet/bridal theme if you are feeling brave! You could also buy a plain white pair and custom decorate them yourself. You can buy bling from craft stores or why not ask a talented arty friend to jazz them up!

Flowers, believe it or not are the perfect finishing touch! When you are nervous during those final minutes before you walk down the isle – clutching your flowers can help steady your nerves and drive you forward with confidence and grace! A bouquet however does not have to be made from flowers alone. Recently – a trend of “button bouquets” has swept the bridal nation and all sorts from beads and pearls to paper flowers and windmills have been carried down the aisle! With a rockabilly theme – we love the idea of these “candy cane lollipops” with ribbons and beads all tied neatly into a bouquet! Think all things bright and beautiful and you are on to a winner!

However you celebrate your special day of union, remember that this day is ultimately about two people – you are your other half. The only reason why you are coming together to tie the knot and profess your love is to deepen your own connection and tie you together. Don’t stress about what other people want – take a deep breath and plan a day that you will remember for all the right reasons. Love is unique to each person and everybody feels it differently – so why not celebrate it differently too!

Happy Wedding Day to all your beautiful belles!

with love – Monica Valentine xoxo


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