5 Ways To Wear Your Vintage Denim Skirt.

Following the success from our “One Vintage Bag, Four Modern Outfits” series back this summer, today we bring to you our “ 1 Denim Skirt, 5 Ways To Wear It!” series. Sometimes, knowing how to pair your favourite piece of vintage with the other high street members of your wardrobe can be hard work! Here at Monica Valentine Vintage, we live to inspire!

Take one vintage high waist denim skirt (available at Monica Valentine Vintage!) and come with us as we explore five fabulous looks! Vintage is really versatile – we will show you how!

Look One:

The seventies are all over the shops at present, if you are a trendsetter then this look is perfect for you! If, however, you already loved the seventies before the hype – you can adapt this look to make it more uniquely vintage instead!

We teamed our high waist denim skirt with a sweet eyelash lace bardot neckline crop top (www.pilotuk.com) – adding instant class and just enough glam to dress up the denim. Team with tan wedges (Yves Saint Laurent in “Bianca” – www.net-a-porter.com) and coordinating clutch bag (Celine Vintage – www.farfetch.com) sets off the cream/denim combo nicely.

Accessorise the complete outfit with a cute tan leather wrist strap (Banana Republic – www.bananarepublic.gap.com) and gold leaf earrings (www.shop.harpersbazaare.com ) to top it all off.

Keep makeup simple with nude eyeshadows and let your lashes do all the talking with falsies. Pop in some curls while getting ready and once you are done, let out and tie up in a loose and messy updo.

Look Two:

Vintage can be worn day to day, noon to eves and all day every day. So why not take it to school? If you have sticky fingers at your knee caps then it can be easy just to throw on some old jeans and a scruffy tee – we have other ideas! Why not be the envy of the playground and the “cool trendy mum” with our denim vintage skirt!

Pair with a brightly coloured cropped tee shirt – this one is from www.LE3NO.com and really makes the difference to any outfit. We love comfy converse in a contrasting colour to really make your feet “pop” (www.coogles.com) and a matching tote bag will help you pack for any occasion!

Keep your hair and makeup simple with this messy French bun but don’t forget your nails – why not skittle them right up in an array of colours (if you are feeling brave – your little sprogs could always help give you a manicure!)

Look Three:

Most would raise an eyebrow at this one – denim in the workplace. But we think it is all about how you wear it, what you pair it with and of course just how corporate your working environment is.

The quickest way to smarten up your denim is of course with tailoring. We picked this off white/cream blazer ( www.topshop.com ) to go with a lovely sage green 30s reproduction blouse ( www.20thcenturyfoxy.com ) – instantly adding class and an air of authority.

Complete the look with coordinating off white/ cream tote bag (Michael Kors www.farfetch.com ) and sage green heeled boots ( www.harveynichols.com ) – we also love the white watch as a statement jewelry that is still work appropriate.

Style your hair into a low neat bun, keep nails freshly French and makeup to a minimum and you are ready to wow any board meeting in vintage denim all day long!

Look Four:

Don’t wanna look like everybody else at this years busiest festivals? Wear vintage! We love the diversity and colour at festivals and think that there is no better playground for trying out new styles/new looks. Anything goes and this is your chance to explore! Don’t forget to pack something a little bit practical as well as fun just in case the weather doesn’t play ball!

We love these floral Doc Martins ( www.6PM.com ) – the ideal footwear for dancing all day and night in (and getting a bit muddy in too!) but don’t forget your knee high socks too. ( www.dollskill.com)

Make sure you have a foldable rain mac – we chose this metallic one from Alexander Wang ( www.stylebop.com ) which will go with everything else you pack.

We teamed our high waist vintage denim with a bubblegum gypsy crop top (www.styligion.com) as we loved the bright colours and hippy vibe it gives the outfit – if your hair is a bit gross, jazz up with a coordinating floral headband (www.pacsun.com) and get your rave on.

Look Five:

So it’s your first date. You love wearing the full retro shebang but don’t want to leave them wondering if you are in fancy dress or not. Ok, firstly – deep breaths – you got this. You have style advice at your finger tips so read on!! Your aim is to look confident, comfortable and obviously drop dead gorgeous. We picked the colour red to feature in this outfit because it is a great confident colour, it says that you are not afraid and will put your date at ease as well as turn heads. It is a great vibrant colour and adds some glamour to our vintage denim!

Keep your shoulders covered with this deep blue blazer (www.amazon.com) and add some class to simply denim. We picked this sassy red strappy peplum top (www.avenue32.com) – sure to make your dates eyes pop when you sit down for starters.

Pop your valuables in this simple white clutch (www.lindelpalais.com) and team with sassy red heels (www.ideel.com)  to complete. We also absolutely love just a hint of nautical with this anchor necklace (www.barneys.com) and think it adds the perfect finishing touch.

We love “pretty” makeup for this look – smoldering well-defined eyes with some full lashes and a nice bright lip. Pop your hair up into a retro updo keeping it sleek and fun with a sweet roll at the front.

Vintage doesn’t have to be complicated or even look “overly vintage” – it is more about the fit and the quality of the item. Be sure to check measurements carefully when purchasing or consider spending that little bit more with a good tailor to get the perfect fit. If something fits you properly and in all the right places, you are more likely to wear over and over again.

Most of all, like we always say – have fun. Style is supposed to be a reflection of your personality so however you are feeling that day, dress for it. #WearMoreVintage


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