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With trends fresh out of “That 70’s Show” creeping into the catwalk spotlight for Spring/Summer 15 – we thought it was about time that we set the record straight and gave the average joe some good old vintage fashion advice!

Fashion tends to repeat itself with design inspiration being taken from previous decades and a new modern twist being spun or a slightly updated design launched. With Primark now stocking the trendy “Fedora” hat (Gene Kelly will be singing in the rain from his grave!) 70s style is simply everywhere and on everyone!

Now this may have raised eyebrows and rolled eyes from some true vintage lovers who regularly dress in 70s fashion on a day to day basis. But remember that those that wear vintage really do bring pieces of history into every day modern life and are therefore just as “in the know” as the couture fashion designers who have brought a seventies kinda vibe to our spring/summer!

We have included some do’s and some definitely don’ts to buying seventies vintage this season and tips to look for original pieces that will help you stand out from the high street copies.

Peace Out Man!

Hippies in the 70’s flaunted bell bottoms, paired with fringe edged jackets and bags and mixed feathers with soft lace on floral dresses.

Look for brightly coloured corduroy flares or bell bottoms with a high waist for a flattering fit. Initially the flare was popular with the hippies as it represented the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere of the era. Soon, it grew in popularity to become a mainstream fashion trend, in demand by both men and women. As soon as celebrities like Farrah Fawcett and Sonny and Cher were seen in bellbottoms, this trend took off with the hems getting wider and wider

Spice Up Your Platform!

Yes, The Spice Girls took inspiration for their intensely high platform shoes worn to perform in from the 70s! Lady Gaga brought them back more recently and now with a summer 70s feel – you can boogie on down in some of these beauties! Platforms became popular in the disco scene and were about the only shoes that wouldn’t get lost under such big bellbottoms of the times. With styles made from wood, cork and plastic, platform shoes were decked out in all sorts of glitzy colors, materials and shapes so anyone could find a trendy pair for any occasion.

Look for cork strappy wedges – perfect for keeping your feet cooler in the summer but keep a good ole pair of shoe boot platforms for the chillier night outs!

Go BoHo…

The maxi dress become a wardrobe staple during the neo-feminist movement and hippie culture that took over the 1970s. Folkloric, nature friendly, and goddess themes were a popular choice on fabric and women bought dresses made from economic material with an ultra feminine feel. Prints from the 1930s such as gingham, paisley, floral, lace trim and psychedelic were popular.

Look for halter-neck tied long maxi dresses as well as sheer fabrics, soft autumnal colours with delicate detailing such as ruffles or lace trim. These are a great versatile piece to buy for your summer wardrobe. Dress them up with wedges or down with flats and a cute mini denim jacket!

Tie Dying!

One of the most recognizable trends of the seventies has to be the tie dye effect! Beginning with the so-called “Flower Children” who used to tie dye in their communities before the craze heavily swept the nation. Celebrities such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin gave their approval by wearing it to perform in and helped spread the trend. It is easy to do yourself and often people would tie dye a t-shirt and matching headband to go out in!

Look for tie dye accessories to avoid looking like your in fancy dress. Why not try it at home and create your own tie dye affect on a plain white t-shirt and matching headband for a true seventies wild child look!

Mad Hatters!

Of course, no true seventies vintage revival would be complete without a floppy hat. Perfect for festivals, bad hair days and adding that finishing touch to your outfit, floppy fedora hats are everywhere this season. Avoid wearing the full get up (fedora, cape, knee high boots) or you will end up looking like a Charlie’s Angel reject. Instead, pair your hat with some tailored high waist jeans, a plain slouchy tee and a fringe bag. A hat is a statement piece and one that can easily add drama and pizzazz to your outfit so play it cool with the rest of your outfit if your looking for chic instead of cheesy!

So there are just some of the Seventies most classic pieces, no doubt you will be able to find high street copies in no time. If you are looking for original, seventies vintage is quite accessible (for now) and often easy to find. Look no further than thrift shops, car boot sales or clear out your parents wardrobe!

Don’t be like the rest of them – stand out and stand up in true vintage! Get your 70s inspired outfit at

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