Cover Your Pretty Little Head!

The 1940’s brought World War 2 and saw a monumental change in women’s fashion! The headscarf was one of those changes that the modern day world has somewhat adopted. In the 40s, long hairstyles were considered hazardous what with 95% of women working in factories and more manual labour type jobs. Hairstyles were worn short or medium length and often the headscarf was a cheap and easy way to keep your mane from getting tangled in machinery!

It later became fashionable to cover your pin curls with a headscarf or turban and was adopted by many a war woman. Often scarves could be used as decorative pieces or to keep the hair out of the face and came in a variety of materials, sizes and patterns. They could be plaited into the hair and tied up. They could be folded into a triangle and tied on top of the head, like a turban, or simply worn around the head and knotted under the chin.

Women fashioned the scarf into something more than just a practical head covering, influenced by stars like Carmen Miranda who made wearing a turban chic. Wearing a scarf in your hair has become one of those styles that has stayed as the years go by and decades pass. Nowadays, wearing your hair in a headscarf has become one of the most noticeable “vintage looks” and often adopted by many. The girls in the Monica Valentine office have, at some point or another, all come into work wearing one!

With so many styles and ways to cover your pretty little head – just how DO you tie yours? Well, the answer in short is that there is no right or wrong way. Experiment and work your way through all the possible combinations until you find the one that suits your face, goes with your outfit and looks the part! We find that it is generally easier to try one of these when your hair is a day or a few days old. Newly washed hair can often be harder for the scarf to grip to and doesn’t stay in place very well. After all – this IS the perfect solution to a bad hair day or even simply a bad weather day!

Check out our headscarfin’ inspiration below and just have a go!




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