Easy Homemade Hair Mask – Tame Those Vintage Beehives!

Hot oil, strengthening shampoos, silky conditioners, hair treatments, salon recommendations – we have had them all. Yet we still are left with straw like locks. If like us, you daily struggle with victory rolls, backcombed beehives and frizzy volume – worry not!

At Monica Valentine Vintage, we love wearing vintage clothes and accessories but often it is your hair and makeup that can really transform an outfit. That’s why we try out all sorts of different styles from the 20s-70s (depending on how what mood we wake up in that morning!) and this can really take it’s toll on your precious mane. They say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory so why not give it a little polish every now and again!

Recently we discovered coconut oil – we obviously don’t mean, “discovered” seen as it has been around for thousands of years! Coconut oil is the first plant oil ever used by mankind and for all sorts of purposes. It comes from the mature fruits of coconut trees, is thick and white and is used for a wide variety of benefits. The best kind to use is always pure, unrefined and virgin coconut oil. It can be used for healthy food, clear skin, and shiny hair – yes, shiny hair!

Just some of the reasons why you should use it on your locks are:

  • It promotes a healthy scalp by fighting common problems such as dry skin, lice, and dandruff.
  • It moisturizes dry hair, adding luster and shine
  • It prevents split ends and hair breakage enabling hair length to remain healthy.
  • It slows down hair loss and stimulates growth.

Coconut oil really is a blessing for your hair, suitable for all hair types and possibly the most effective conditioner you will ever use! It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which are excellent for your body and even more perfect for repairing damage. Coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity and is not easily broken down nor evaporated, this makes it extremely stable. Because it does not let any moisture escape it keeps follicles hydrated and soft.

There are many brands available, we recommend using the “Coconoil” virgin coconut oil available at Superfood Market (http://superfood-market.com/) as it is so pure, creamy and smells amazing. Superfood Market offer a wide selection of coconut oils most of which you can buy in bulk (for eg. 3X 460g for only £22.59!) – super handy for stocking up. We also love that Superfood Market are fairtrade friendly as well as wonderfully vegan, cruelty free and organic! They have a wide range of natural products that can be used to cook with, on your skin and your hair too.

Browse their superb range here: Superfood Market

Always make sure that you are purchasing your coconut oil from an ethical company, and avoid cheap reproductions of coconut oil – you never know what other ingredients have been added to the oil that may cause harm.

We wear vintage because we love the simplicity of yesteryear and the romance of old times. Using pure and natural products/oils is no different. For years, society has tried to improve and invent new beauty treatments but when you research further into the most successful ones, they always come from a natural or pure ingredient that has been around for years.

So once you have purchase your coconut oil, you have got all excited at the postman delivering and you finally open it – what should you do with it…? Well we have put together a little hair mask idea for you to try out!

You will need:

You can also add other natural products when using our hair mask as a base. Avocado, honey, coffee and lemon juice can all be added, all with different effects – but the coconut oil basic hair mask will serve as a great starting point for well conditioned hair.

We recommend giving your hair this treatment at least once a week and definitely after a heavy hair setting day. When you have washed your hair, pin curled it, set it, teased it, styled it and re-set it, the only thing you need is Coconoil and your beautiful locks will be soft shiny and damage free in no time.


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