How to get the perfect winged eyeliner

So you have been sat waiting for your girl to meet you in this trendy wine bar in your home town and you just do not understand why she is over an hour late. Incoming text…. : Eyeliner Problems – be there soon xo and you totally relate so breathe a sigh of relief. For all you vintage and retro lovers out there, you totally know what this means and face this daily frustration also.

You see achieving the perfectly symmetrical eyeliner flick on both of one’s eyes is virtually impossible and almost guaranteed to involve more than one try. Perhaps you are a trained eyeliner perfectionist and can accomplish the perfect flick in a matter of moments, but if so, we reckon you belong to 2% of the population who find it easy!

We constantly fail at life with this simple but somehow intricate detail of our daily makeup routine and thought it might be useful to share some tips and advice that we have found on our travels.

Something we found useful for the novice eyeliner-flicker is a felt tipped eyeliner. It is kinda like drawing on your face and quite easy to do. We also found this super easy tutorial on YouTube where the technique is to start with little dots at certain parts of the eyelid and join up. What can be easier than that then?

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We couldn’t help but notice these cheeky little mishaps (whilst completely identifying with each one!) and thought we would share so that you feel a little better about not getting it right first time!

The “eyeliner flick” has become a staple part of a vintage / retro look and although not completely mandatory makeup, generally is used to accentuate your peepers. After all, they say that the eyes are the windows to your soul!

Our top tip would be to practice practice practice! Wearing eyeliner around the house is totally acceptable and not just for when going out! As many makeup artists would advise – do your eyes first. Follow these simple steps and achive perfect pin up peepers in no time!

  • 1.Prep your base.
  • Use a simple primer on your eyelid so that anything that you use on your eyes will stick and stay.
  • 2.Stick to neutral shades.

Use neutral shades as a base while you are getting used to being an eyeliner flick master. This way if you do need to wipe off and start again, it is less fuss and easier to blend in. Of course, the more confident you become – the more adventurous with colour you can be. Once you feel like you have the flick done and dusted then you experiment with bolder colours, smokier looks and have fun!

  • 3.Try out different types of eyeliner.

There are felt tip liners, liquid eyeliners and gel liners as well as pencils. Trial out a few, we personally found the gel liner easier to use as we could apply with a small pointed brush and felt more in control of it when applying. Felt tips are easy to use and are just like drawing – but can lack in colour. We love the liquid for a bold and defined look but found this hard to use when doing thinner or smaller flicks. Everyone is different and each of you will find one that you love!

  • 4.Eyes first, everything else last.

Applying your eye make-up first means that if there is any dust from the eyeshadow, it can be wiped off the cheek easily. As all make up artist will advise, always do your eyes first and everything after so you can build your look. This is one of the best pieces of advice we have ever been given. We know that if your eye makeup does go wrong then there is no way that your day can be ruined. Simply wipe off and start again (trust us, it’s a lot harder if you have a full face to wipe off and re-do)

Most of all, have fun. Makeup is there to help hide those bits you hate and bring out those bits you love. It is an extension of your personality and is not something to be shied away from. If you feel like a beginner and really do feel like there is nowhere to turn, remember that:

Marilyn Monroe learnt how to do her own makeup by watching someone else do hers for her over and over again.

We are all beginners in the beginning.

Simple but true. So go have fun, try, try and try again and if let us know how you are getting on! We love to hear from our customers, you can get in touch via








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