3 January outfits – What I wore and loved last month

3 January outfits – What I wore and loved last month.

January outfits = baggy jumpers and comfies right? After all that over indulging, partying and festive shenanigans, sometimes clothes can be a tad tighter come January. Because December is often my busiest month for performing, I like to take January slowly if I can. Much needed time off is welcomed and usually I relax on the weekends. Well, that didn’t happen in 2020.

Historically, I have always performed into the New Year and this one was no different. All thanks to my mother in law, my husband is able to join me as I gig and we can see the New Year in together. Here comes the first of my favourite January outfits.

Cerise Pink Dress

Jumping into 2020.

Technically, this may be classed as cheating as I started wearing this outfit in December 2019! During the Boxing Day sales, I swiped this bargain right up from River Island for £15.00, very much in love with it. When I perform, I prefer to wear jumpsuits or playsuits because they are super comfortable and I feel like everything will stay put if I dance about. Originally, I had planned to wear some shorts and a top for the NYE gig. After seeing this beauty, it just felt a bit more “glam” and I knew I could jazz it up even more with some extra sparkle.

The cut is true to size and for reference, I am wearing a size 8. However, the shoulder pads are a tad “eighties” in style for me so I may cut them out when I wear it again. Colourwise, it is very striking and I really like the small love heart pattern, deep neckline and overall style. Because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a bit of vintage somewhere, the belt is original vintage. At present, there is a huge trend of seventies style headbands everywhere, I got this one in Primark and I have worn it so many times!

Finishing off the outfit is my vintage reproduction sixties glitter boots from Olive & Aubrey (a previously gifted collaboration you can read here.)

NYE 2019

Jumpsuit NYE 2019

2019 NYE

A Grecian Dress

Prepare yourself, the second of the January outfits roundup may contain THAT sparkly headband (AGAIN) from Primark. My husband’s family invited us to a wonderful wedding over in Ireland, so we boarded the plane and off we went. This outfit, well this took some thought, many months in fact. Last year, I was looking for a dress that would be suitable for a wedding taking place in The City Hall, Dublin. Nothing quite came close to what I wanted.

Because my husband’s cousin was marrying an Irish ambassador, I wanted a dress that was respectable and elegant. After a high and low search, and trying on about nine dresses, I was about to give up. Style wise, I was looking for a long maxi dress and all I could find was sequin party dresses or gowns which made me look like a bridesmaid.

Sparkle away…

Finally, I came across this beauty from boohoo. Silky, elegant and with an added chiffon cape it is perfect. However, I can already hear you thinking that this is a little plain for me. You would be correct. So I added a diamante skinny belt from Primark of all places for £3.00 (H&M had a similar one but it was £20.00!) Also making another appearance is THAT padded headband covered in diamantes from Primark. Finishing off the look is a pair of fabulous shoes from Mod Shoes (gifted) in silver.

These shoes had me dancing all day and night too, super comfy!

A grecian Maxi - 3 January Outfits I loved

3 January Outfits

New Shoes & an Old Dress

Last up in this round up of January outfits, is an old dress and some new shoes. If you were to ask me, this is the perfect combination. Because I love mixing the old with the new, I knew I had just the outfit for these new leopard print loafers! At work, a lady who has recently started at the company was wearing these around the office. One day in the kitchen, she was telling me about her bargain hunting. After having them in her shopping basket at the higher price of £68.00 for a few months- they were now only £12!! Total bargain! Well, that is the story of how they ended up in my own basket and on my feet. Simple.

Cerise pink has always been a colour that I seem to have a lot of in my wardrobe. It’s vibrancy always draws me in. This dress was a depop bargain and I have blogged about it before (click here if you want to read a super old post!) However, this time I wore it with a black furry jumper underneath and some black tights as it is bloody freezing up north.

Leeds - Cerise Pink

January Outfits Leopard print shoes ASOS

Thats all folks!

January outfits – that’s a wrap. Which one do you prefer? I make no apologies for choosing some glam outfits in my favourites, that’s just who I am. If you have any style ideas for how I can wear the navy maxi dress again this year, please get in touch. With it being quite plain, I would be interested in hearing how else I can jazz it up or wear it. Maybe even take it on holiday perhaps? Who knows, but it is so comfy so I will be re-wearing!

The jumpsuit & dress will absolutely be appearing again and again as there are so many different ways to wear. In 2020, I am making a conscious effort to recycle outfits and re-wear the same thing as many times as possible in different ways. As always, I welcome comments and any new and quirky ways to re-wear an existing outfit is appreciated.


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