3 Reasons Why You Need Sun Jellies In Your Life

Georgia Harrup & Sun Jellies Blue Bag  As a long firm fan of Sun Jellies, you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were releasing a clutch bag! Above shot is an accurate representation of my real life reaction when I found out. Several pairs of Sun Jellies shoes grace my wardrobe and during the summer, I practically live in them. Before I rant and rave about how fabulous this new bag actually is, here are a few facts on Sun Jellies. If you are in two minds, here are my honest thoughts on why you should explore them further.

  • Comfort above everything.

The number one reason why you need to discover Sun Jellies is because they are THE most comfortable jelly shoes I have ever found. FACT. They are made from 100% recyclable plastic and are 100% reusable. Most if not every other brand of jelly shoe I have tried have cut my feet. You know the kind. Those shoes you walked all over Blackpool beach in and then get back in the car to find your feet are ripped to shreds. Well you just do not need that type of negativity in your life. You need Sun Jellies instead.

  • Quality

This speaks for itself. When worn over and over, I have experienced “cracking” in the sandals plastic material. Mainly at the joints or the buckle, other brands are just not able to withstand wear and tear. If you want to walk for hours or even just to the shops and back, your shoes shouldn’t fall apart. I have worn my Sun Jellies in the sea, in the rain, in the countryside, in town. They just last. Like they should.

  •  Bright & Beautiful

The last reason would have to be for the colour. Each season brings new shades both pastel and bright. If you are looking for a “basic all rounder” then I would recommend their “clear” or “silver glitter.” I am always lusting after each of their collections because there is always a colour that I need right? Another and one last important fact is that the colours do not fade. 100% down to the quality, they retain their colours / shades really well. Pastels remain as pastels and brights stay beautiful.

Sun Jellies Cross Body Bag Baby Blue

Sun Jellies Clutch it like you mean it ……

Okay so, onto the BRAND NEW CLUTCH bags – you can shop all the colours below. Currently there are three colour ways. All pastel shades, blue, yellow and pink. Perfect for all necessary beach getaways and outfit combinations. (Can you also imagine if you paired them with coordinating Sun Jellies shoes – dream!)

Now I can almost hear you say those words “But it is full of holes.” Well, technically yes. But they are not big enough to loose anything valuable through. As always, I have promised to give an un-biased opinion of everything on my blog. Regardless of gifted items, self purchased or just discovered upon recommendation, I always say exactly what I really think. If you live in a country where monsoon season is basically every single day or perhaps you like having lots of sweet papers or receipts in your bag, then skip this one. Simply put, this is not the bag for you. If it rains heavy then paper or similar items popped into this clutch bag will get wet. Due to simple common sense. It has holes, but you can work with them.

An ideal time and place to use this clutch bag is for the beach, on holiday or in dry weather. Should you happen to pop out for a quick walk and get caught in a downpour though, worry not. Just don’t think you can submerge this bag in the bath and everything in it survive. Catch my drift?

Not Your Honey Slogan Tee
Read a previous post on how I styled my Sun Jellies with tights for Halloween by clicking here 

Matching everythang.

This jelly purse has a strong but thin strap that easily goes across the body. Alternatively, tuck it into the bag converting it into a clutch for personal preference. It has a cute as a button little notch on the front to fasten.

Click to shop below

It actually also fits quite a lot in, I was pleasantly surprised. I already have the yellow “Atomic Tote” Sun Jellies bag which of course fits a good amount in it. To see how I previously styled the yellow tote, click here to read. A huge difference between the tote and the purse is the ease of wear. The totes are great to hold, fit a beach towel in or even perfect for storage. However, as a mum, sometimes I need a hands free option. When you have little hands to hold, a cross body bag works the best. Speaking of little hands, Sun Jellies also cater for kids AND men. Forget twinning. You can now officially go triplet-ting with all the special people in your life.

Wearing: “Not your honey” tee from Primark || Jeans are Lady K in the “classic” cut. || Glasses are from Where Light || Jelly Purse from Sun Jellies


Sun Jellies CrossBody BagSun Jellies baby blue purseSun Jellies Bag & Georgia Harrup Blog Post


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