A Very Vintage Weekend with The Festival of Vintage, York.

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When you are a vintage lover and there is FINALLY a northern vintage festival that you don’t have a performance already booked on, you go right. You gather your vintage girlies, you don your best vintage-esque frock and you prepare to immerse yourself in the vintage holy grail of vintageness. Okay okay, I will calm on the “V” word.

The Festival Of Vintage, York.

So if you have not heard about it, then you either do not follow me on Instagram or have been hiding under a rock. It has been everywhere AND I have posted a million updates about it (sorry!) Established in 2011, it is the biggest if not the best Northern vintage festival there is. The Festival of Vintage, York. Spanning over two days there are stalls, dances, musicians, workshops and original classic cars a plenty. The 2018 festival is rumoured to be the last one under Keeley Harris (organiser and founder) but it is likely that there will be a 2019 #FOV under new management tbc.

Jewellery, Jive’s and Jumpsuits…

Everywhere you looked, there are stalls. Just when you think that you have been round everything, you find another level or another hidey-hole full of stalls. Some of my favourite brands, ModShoes, House of Foxy and Rocket Originals are also displaying. Alongside the vintage reproduction stalls are true and original vintage. This is where unexpected treasures lie. I love sifting through tables of vintage jewellery, brooches and knit-knacs too. One thing that runs throughout the whole event is music. All sorts from the 1930s-1960s. There is never a dull (or quiet) corner. Of course, this is a personal favourite. Everywhere I went, I wanted to jive, or waltz or sing a long.

The Festival Of Vintage York Dancing

Preloved Pretties

My most favourite thing about vintage fairs and festivals is that you never know what vintage preloved pretties you will stumble upon. You also know that whatever you find, if you fall in love then you have to take them home with you or regret it forever. For example, I found this LUSH apple green Jackie O style 60s shift and matching overcoat and I DIDN’T BUY IT and I have been regretting it ever since to be honest. I still think about it now. Now that is one I should have purchased. However, I did manage to grab some other bargains.

Lilac is a colour that my wardrobe really should have more of but I only have one or two pieces. Well, I spotted a Rocket Originals lilac crop sweater on offer for a smashing £15.00 down from £25.00. Also, I picked up a cute cherry blossom pencil skirt from Hell Bunny and some adorable true 1960s vintage sunglasses.

All in all, some perfectly preloved pretties came and joined my collection.


A 60s Stand Out.

The majority of the wonderful people who graced The Festival of Vintage were dressed in eras from the 1930s-1950s. Seldom did I bump into any 1960s lovers. Dressed in this stand out shell printed Delores wiggle dress from Collectif Clothing and a closer to God Beehive, safe to say I didn’t blend in. But I am used to being the loudest in the room so it wasn’t a problem! For someone who sings, I have zero coordination and find myself with two left feet most days. But, I would love to be able to jump and jive around the room.

It was lovely to watch the floor come alive as everyone danced with so much joy to some fabulous rockabilly music. My friends and I only went on the Sunday but next year I plan on going to both days or at least the Saturday and evening as there is often entertainment and dances on the Saturday evening.


Shells on a dress – why not?

As soon as I saw the new sky blue Delores print wiggle with SHELLS on it from Collectif, I knew it was my FOV outfit. If you are a regular reader / follower then you will be well accustomed with the Delores cut from my feed. When you find the right tailoring for your body, you need it in every print and every colour right? The Delores fit and flare, wiggle and tops are a firm favourite of mine. Every season I am eager to see what the new SS18 Collectif collection will bring in the Delores cut. This season brought peaches and shells and I had to have them both! Click here to read my peachy review!

The Delores from Collectif is perfect if:

  • Curves are your thing
  • You have a big bust
  • Maybe you prefer a more fitted cut
  • Looking for a flattering neckline, the neckline is slightly different from the dresses to the wiggles but both are still a really subtle sweetheart.

I would also recommend the Delores fit and flare styles if you have curves or even want a style that will flare over your tummy and flatter any bumps. They come in a hundred different patterns and colours (dramatic as always but honestly tho do! Just search “delores” on the collectif website and you will see!)

Finishing off this vintage look is a pair if (of course) Sun Jellies, these are the peach colourway. Available by clicking here. I chose a pair of jellies for footwear purely because I wanted to see every stall and every person without getting sore feet as well as have a dance into the night if I wanted to. Sun Jellies were the perfect choice, worn here with a white frilly ankle sock.

I cannot wait for next years festival and if you are thinking of coming too, DEFINITELY DO!!

With thanks to the Festival of Vintage // L. Russell & S. Mitchell-Bradford  // Collectif Clothing // Sun Jellies

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