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Untitled  Dressing down is a popular topic of chat for my husband and I. Sometimes I just find it hard to be casual, and still feel like me. Being self employed for four years, I actually did dress up day to day. More so to try and avoid the “working from home in your PJ’s” stereo type. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of these days but I tried to make a conscious effort to put makeup on and experiment with style in order to feel like I was ready to work.

Then having a job in a corporate environment again on and off over the years, I have had to adjust to a more suitable style. Performing is always glamorous, photoshoots, meetings, projects and campaigns are the same too. The only time I am bare faced or dressing down is when I am arriving into hair & makeup at the beginning of the day. Or even taking off my makeup in a taxi on the way home at the end of the night. However, now, I do feel like I have adapted well and feel comfortable in more “glam” fitted outfits. Just as much as I do in gym leggings and a baggy tee.

When you are definitely NOT a “girl next door” so no point dressing like one….

If my husband had his input taken seriously, I would forever live in jeans and plain tee shirts with converse, minimal makeup and hair permanently big bouncy and curly. We all know, in the real world we all know that a get set and blow dry takes work and one does not simply “wake up like this.” Plain tees and jeans get marked when sticky fingers come and cuddle you. Minimal makeup scares away the postman. He isn’t a fan of lipstick (how can we even be friends I know you are thinking!) My husband likes the typical girl next door casual kind of style. Taking it as a compliment, he thinks I look beautiful to him just as I am.


Casual Connie…

Of course, my husband is well accustomed to the fact that I will wear what I like and own each outfit as I go along. Sometimes I have woken up and had ZERO idea what I want to wear. I’ve got lost at the sea of colour in my wardrobe and literally just put on some activewear (and chilled in it hence the song.)

But today, I was feeling frenchie vibes. Red, stripes and black and white just say Bonjour to me. Casual Connie was calling me…. Essentially this outfit is just a pair of jeans and a casual tee (there ya go hubby!) But add a vintage scarf, a stand out cropped jacket and it jazzes it up a bit. Easy.

With thanks to Dolly & Dotty for gifting. Read the original review by clicking here.

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