How to Wear & Bare Your Midriff at ANY age


Ah the Midriff.

That one part of your body that you can show off no matter WHAT your age or shape. Yes, you read that correctly!! The midriff is here to stay. Society has somehow managed to put rules and guidelines in place that makes us think twice about flashing the flesh!

Here I am to tell you to ignore everything you have ever read that said no. If you want to wear your midriff then go for it! Okay so I guess the title of this post is a little misleading. It is quite simple really. There is no “how to” – you just wear it.


Dare to Bare

Now I have been a variety of shapes and sizes in my life. When I was curvier and 14 stone, i did feel very conscious about wearing crop tops or showing that little bit of flesh off. It almost felt like because I was “larger than the average” that I should cover up and be decent. Admittedly I was also concerned about being conservative and causing offence for flesh flashing. Now I look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

All it takes is a little guts and a bit of grit. Guts to be yourself and bare as much as you like and grit to stick to your decision and not back track. We all do that, feel fabulous then change your mind. Always go with your instincts and do not listen to those little gremlins called doubt and insecurity.


If you like it, just bloody wear it.

Rules? There are no rules. If you like it, wear it. Now I have had my baby and learnt how to dress my new shape / body, I am back to experimenting. My “go-to” outfit would be a 50s flared skirt and a crop top. I favour those “long line” crop’s as they seem to fit the fuller bust better. Wear your crops with high waisted trousers, high waisted skirts, long pleated maxi skirts or under dungarees.

Wearing :

Red Capris – Rockabilly Pin-Up 

White gypsy crop top – ancient favourite originally from Primark

Neck scarf – original vintage

Shoes – Sun Jellies 



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