London Edge fun with Voodoo Vixen and Mrs Bow Retro

Untitled London Edge is always an event I have been invited along to but always had gigs booked on the same day. For the last few years I have been trying to get down and attend the two day event. This year (as it seems to be the year of getting stuff done) I had made it a priority to finally make it!

Leaving ‘up north’ early morning we had a few inches of snow. I did wonder if I had made a sensible footwear choice (remind when glitter boots are NOT sensible eermmm?) But as soon as we reached Kings Cross it was cold but nice and sunny. I met up with Gem – Mrs Bow Retro, another of my fabulous Instagram buddies that I have met through the power of social media and her lovely wife Hannah. Representing Voodoo Vixen in our green overalls, which we styled in our different ways, it was a great show and an event I would definitely recommend a visit to.


Like a kid in a candy shop…

With eyes like saucers, I walked around the stalls like a kid in a candy shop. Not knowing which to choose or where to look first I was dazzled by all the pretties. Of course, attending the event as a singer/blogger, I was unable to place a cheeky wholesale order so the whole day was basically window-shopping. It was really great to connect with some new brands as well as have a face to face with existing brands that I have previously collaborated with. Keep your eyes peeled on my blog for some exciting new collaborations coming in the next few months.


Voodoo Vixen SS18

Of course, one of the highlights was being able to see the new Voodoo Vixen SS18 collection in action. On the catwalk, one of the models had the same green overalls that myself and Gem were showcasing. It was great to see the same piece from the new collection on different shapes/sizes. The Connie capri fitted overalls have some great stretch in them and even though myself and Gem are petite, they still fit really well. I love how they hug my curves and the sweetheart neckline is really flattering too. I paired mine with the yellow Sasha cardigan – also from Voodoo Vixen underneath. Completing a nice bit of colour coordination with a yellow chiffon vintage head scarf. Of course, glitter boots go with everything right? This pair is from Boohoo and even though I left a trail of glitter wherever I went, they were really comfortable.


Pom-Pom up your life

If there is one thing I love, it’s a right good “out there” print. The new collection from Voodoo Vixen is full of them. Lemons, cactus, watermelons and atomic prints line the rails and it is so refreshing to see beautiful bright colours at again! London Edge is full of all the main vintage inspired brands but also some really quirky fresh little ones. Voodoo Vixen’s stall is full of life and buzzing with activity from potential buyers as well as like minded influencers.

Are you partial to a pom-pom? For me, not so much. Gem kept picking everything out from Voodoo Vixen’s collection with pom-poms on them. Trying to convince me that I needed them in my life, she almost won me over. The pom-poms in the new collection give off a subtle Spanish señorita feel and if you have a sombrero ready then they are the perfect pieces for you. They are not for everyone, but that’s okay. You love (or hate) for coloured pom-poms is what makes this world of fashion so beautifully diverse and interesting.

Untitled If you are an influencer, brand or just want a day of great networking – London Edge is an event for you. Held twice a year both in February and September each year. For all the information you need, visit their official website here.

Many thanks to:

Gem & Hannah for keeping me company all day.

Nicki and the team at Voodoo Vixen for sponsorship



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