Roses & Straw Hats // Hurry Up Summer!

Rain Rain Go Away

If, like me, you are absolutely sick of the British weather you definitely want to read on. Dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have they said. Well last weekend I did that with red roses and more. Thanks to Sew La Di Da Vintage, I was able to live out all my early bird summer dreams with this stunning frock. Luckily, there was also a break in the clouds for just a little too!

With an all over roses print, this gorgeous gown was handmade with love from Sew La Di Da Vintage and originally loaned to me to wear to Ireland. However, I felt that this was too white (even though worn with red) to debut at a wedding. If you are yet to stumble across Sew La Di Da, head on over to their website where you will find vintage patterns a plenty!

Red roses & straw hats in Sheffield

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair – Sheffield

Have you ever been to a Lou Lou’s vintage fair? So far in 2020, I am ticking more vintage fairs of my bucket list and loving doing so! Last month it was Rose & Brown’s – this month it was Lou Lou’s  (next month who knows right?!) Having never been to Sheffield, when my lovely friend Kerri suggested that we meet up and tag along, I didn’t know what to expect 

Lou Lou’s has always received good reviews, I was not left disappointed. There were two large rooms filled to the brim with stalls and wonderful bargains to be had. Also, I particularly enjoyed the CAKE by the divine Secret Cake Club. I devoured the Raspberry & White Chocolate Gluten Free offering which was so moist and delicious (see I told you I might feature more cake in my blog!) 

Honestly, such a fun day out and well recommended if you can make one of their dates.

Sheffield City Hall Lou Lous Vintage Fair wearing Red roses by Sew La Di Da Vintage

A Swish Above The Rest

However, let’s get back to the dress. The bodice is tailored and with a slight corset feel so that everything stays put. I decided not to wear a bra with this one as it was not needed. The sheer material over the one shoulder creates a delicate modest neckline. On the shoulder is a corsage made from sweet red fabric roses. But this is also detachable should you wish to remove or attach something different. My belt is vintage but was an addition from my own wardrobe.

Here, you can see that I wear it with a petticoat underneath for added swish. Because of the movement of the fabric, you can always wear this without a petticoat if needed. Red roses adorn all over and although this is an off white dress, the roses really help make it stand out. Wearing red accessories with this just seemed like a match made in heaven!

Red roses dress from Sew La Di Da Vintage

Roses Are Red, Straw Hats Are A Bit Of You…

What else goes with red roses if it isn’t straw hats? This one is a vintage beauty that I bought last year (from another vintage fair actually!) and I love it. Disclosure time!! As I am a busy mum, sometimes I wear hats because I don’t have time to properly sort my hair underneath.

Because I am short on time, it is sometimes a mum bun in the back and a bumper bang in the front! Here, I just added a straw hat and secured it with a hat pin. Sheffield was windy. I definitely lost my hat a few times. Such is vintage glamour hey?

Finishing off the outfit are these fabulous red shoes from Modshoes! Perfectly comfortable, they add a bit of 60s to my entire outfit. If you are a follower, then you will know that I regularly mix eras like a rebel. Unsure what actual era the entire outfit fits into, I will tell you that I love it regardless.

Straw hats and colourful walls

Sew La Di Da Vintage Red Roses dress

Sew La Di Da Vintage

HUGEST of thank yous to Caroline at Sew La Di Da Vintage for going above and beyond to help out with sending dresses for me to try. This dress was loaned to me without obligation to shoot. Many thanks to Kerri Carter for photos. 

You can follow Sew La Di Da Vintage on everything here:





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