The Dolly Parton Challenge // Why it’s ok to have different versions of yourself!

The Dolly Parton Challenge

Because I like to turn up at a party when I am fully fabulous, this might be a little late. However, I am sure that everyone has seen The Dolly Parton Challenge going around on social media. From the divine woman herself, Dolly posted 4 different versions of herself (see below) and it sparked off a wildfire. I joined in, and here are my thoughts. 

It’s ok to be different!

We all know that this was simply “a bit of fun” cleverly disguised as a really good example of a viral social media campaign. Everyone wanted to join in because it is so true for them too. Hands up, I am guilty of portraying myself differently on various social media channels. 

Blog wise, I hold nothing back, chat away and say whatever I feel. Instagram is all about colour and cohesion for me, it is a creative outlet to allow my artistic side to come out. Facebook (personal) is all about my family and I have hardly anybody on there. However, Facebook (public) is mainly about my music. LinkedIn is obviously more professional and directed at brands I work with. Finishing off with Tinder (I am not on that btw!) which would display a whole lot of leg. 

It. Is. Ok. To. Be. Different.

The Dolly Parton challenge

A different version for different scenarios!

Sometimes we need to be different and adapt to each scenario. Of course, when I am running around after my little girl, I am not “Georgia the singer.” Because I am a mum, you will see me in gym leggings, odd socks and hardly any makeup when I am chilling out at home. Catch me on stage and the absolute polar opposite will be in front of you. 

Both versions are still me. All versions of the Dolly Parton challenge are me. 

At work, I am bubbly and then sometimes at home I am quieter. Over on social media, I try to keep things quite positive and upbeat. This means that whenever I am feeling a little low, the online community can bring me back up again and help me focus on more positive thoughts. I take time to reflect, I sometimes over chat away and then others I won’t say two words.


All dolled up - Dolly Parton Challenge

Both sides - Dolly Parton Challenge

Your dark bits are worthy too…

Perhaps this would be labeled as “self acceptance” but I have largely learned to accept my dark bits too. However, as a chronic over-thinker, this can often leave me wracked in situations that are bigger in my head. Every detail matters and the overwhelming feeling of feeling everything can come over. Thinking of every eventuality can sometimes be exhausting.

Other times, it is my strength.

Short and sweet, but I just wanted to write a quick post on the Dolly Parton challenge so you knew. Don’t worry about trying to appear as a consistent kind of person 100% of the time.. Life isn’t consistent. It changes more often than your profile picture will.

Thanks for reading a ramble! xx

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