Half Moon Manicure – Vintage Inspired Nails!

Half Moon Manicure – Vintage Inspired Nails!

Half Moon Manicure – according to a quick google search: 

“Halfmoon nails are the easiest nail art trend to do, simply add a crescent shape above your cuticles and your nails are instantly updated. Halfmoon nails are back! The nail art design is trending right now thanks to Instagram and is much easier to create than you may think.”

Well, I am slow on the uptake then! Obviously, I have been seeing pics of a half moon manicure on my Instagram feed for a few years now and never really know what I think of them. My nails are too short really for me to try them I guess!

However, since I started to learn how to do my own gel nails, my nails are strong and are now growing to a really nice length. Recently, I was hovering on Pinterest and I came across some really great half moon manicure ideas.


Late to the party

As always, I don’t seem to follow trends and just arrive at them in my own time. So it’s no wonder that I am late to the party with the half moon manicure trend. After my interest peaked, I began reading up on the history of the half moon manicure and here is what I have found!

Believe it or not, the half moon design is the “first nail design ever created.” This luscious lunar style is said to date back to the late 1920s. It actually is known as the preferred style throughout most of the 30’s. Can you believe – this manicure style is actually as old as nail polish itself!

Actually, I also read that in the 1930s, glamorous yet canny women, found favour with the half moon manicure in order to try and make their manicures last longer. Clever!


Newbie nail lover

As a newbie, over these last few months I have been experimenting with different colours and patterns. However, I am still yet to branch out into the world of nail art! After purchasing some super thin nail brushes and a dotting tool or two – well I decided to have a go!

You might like to watch this handy tutorial so I have linked it below – it really helped me!


If it’s good enough for Dita!

The darling Dita is known for her love of a half moon manicure. Well, I must admit after “having a go” – I am also a tad smitten. Typically a gel manicure lasts around 2-3 weeks for me. However, I seem to get bored with the colour after 1-2 weeks and always have to resist another set. One of the main reasons is that my nails seem to grow quite quickly now I have gel on them. This leaves quite a big gap typically at the half moon part of my nail bed. Personally, it just irritates me! I feel like it looks messy or like my nails need doing. 

Honestly, I really feel like the half moon manicure makes it seem as if this “growth” is on purpose.

Now I completely understand why women back in the 30s used this design to cover up nail bed growth! If you like my own attempt – you may also like my Pinterest board of ideas that I put together. In the future, who knows but I think I will branch out and even try some half moon manicure gems or something!

You can take a look here. 

This is the first “nail art” blog post that I think I have ever written, but if you are interested in seeing more of these – please let me know! In the meantime, here are more of my regular fashion posts…



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