Love thyself

Decade challenge - love thyself

Love thyself

All I want you to remember – love thyself. As the New Year sweeps in with a whoosh, the influx of diet culture led promotions seem to pop up everywhere. Promises of “New Year, New You” and how eating nothing but dust for 6 weeks will make you feel amazing. Weight Watchers, Slimming World, No Carb, Low Carb and Keto, they all come out to play.

The other morning, an advert came on the telly while I was folding my washing. It began with “does not fitting in your black dress make you feel disgusting?” Wow. I stopped in my tracks and wondered how on earth this had passed advertising standards. The advert went on to sell the diet plan as a positive. Would this help me love thyself? Because it certainly made out it could.

New Year, Same Me.

As someone who is generally quite active day to day, I always wondered why people wait until January each year to start being fit. There are another 11 months in the year you know, in case you wanted to try at any time. Wanting to make a start on your health and fitness should be a conscious choice and not just because it is now a new year.

Health & fitness looks different for everyone. Being a size 8 does not equal a healthy body. Physical fitness should come in line with your mental fitness. You can be a size 20, have a good bill of health and a healthy mindset too. This is where being able to love thyself comes in.


New Year - same me

A decade of gym.

Recently over on my Instagram, I did a decade recap from 2009 – 2019. You can view it here. This time, I had little to no intention of jumping on the decade challenge bandwagon. However, I realised that a photo of me back in 2009 showed an overwhelming sadness in my eyes. Because of this, I felt inspired to reminisce and welcome how far I have come in the last decade. Dropbox is where my memories live so I delved deep into the archives.

Back in 2010, I discovered a love for fitness. Mainly for the endorphins but also as my then boyfriend (now husband) was “into it.” He didn’t ever make me feel “guilty” for wanting to eat what I wanted but always seemed to feel better after he had worked out. So I gave it a go. It wasn’t until late 2012 that I really got into more weight lifting / crazy extreme fitness regimes and was hooked. As previously mentioned, I only ever started working out to help manage and maintain my mental fitness. The physical changes have been a bonus but never a focus.

Gym life

Not your typical gym bunny…

Apart from a brief stint in a mainstream gym, I would never label myself as a typical gym bunny. The places I like to work out are not very shiny. Sometimes I like to run the rougher less Instagramable route, dressed like an 80s reject. Bright gym wear makes me feel great, but I have never mastered the art of matching it all together. For me, if it stays put while I am up and down or running then I want to wear it. This time last year I quit the mainstream gym I attended and started to focus on my own mental fitness instead. Looking at my career, my friendship circle and also what I did in my day to day life really helped me focus. In order for me to love what was on the outside, it had to start on the inside.

Extreme Conditioning Huddersfield

A new year resolution.

So this year, I decided to make a resolution that did not involve food, weight, gym or anything health related. Because right now there is so much of that, I wanted to try something else. In keeping with last year’s desire to work on my mental fitness, this year is no different. Reading has always been something that I enjoy. However, I find myself only really picking up a book when I am going on holiday. Now that I am commuting to work via train, (and received a Kindle for Christmas too!) I have a little more time to read.

12 books in one year.

This is totally achievable right? One book every month, in no particular order and with no specific genre. Having a Kindle has made me feel like Matilda in the library. Literally thousands of books at my fingertips. The first on my list has to be a crime thriller, then I feel like something sensible would be next. “He knows your secrets” is the first one that I downloaded so I feel like I am already well on my way.

If you have read anything that I should add to my list, get in touch and let me know! Here are more posts that you might enjoy.


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