Five Festival Favourites – Welcome To Summer.

UntitledHello Festival Season!

You know summer is here when the festival season is well under way right? As a festival virgin until a few years ago, I feel I have a lot to catch up on. Enter the glitter bombs, mud and dry shampoo….

Recently performing at a Party in The Park, I wore THE perfect jumpsuit that you NEED if you are going to a festival this summer. The Farrah Can Can Jumpsuit from Joanie Clothing is the only jumpsuit you need to pack this season. Wear it with a tee underneath if it get’s cold or without if you want to sun your guns. With adjustable spaghetti straps, ruffle feature to the neckline and a flattering wide leg, it ticks all the right boxes.


Style it your way…

This jumpsuit comes with a long tie belt in the same fabric. I styled it with a different belt, a waist clincher corset belt in cream from New Look. (Click here – but get it fast as it is only £4 in the sale!) I wore the original belt as a headscarf instead. Whenever I perform at a festival or go to one, having my hair tied up and back is normally my go-to-style. Day old hair works best for a beehive – visit my Instagram quick tutorial here.

I am a huge fan of Joanie Clothing. In fact since the beginning (read about the last time I wore Joanie here) I knew they were a perfect fit for me. A fabulous blend of modern high street clothing with a vintage and retro twist. Definitely check out their slogan tees. They have regular “new drops” rather than launching all the season at once, this keeps you coming back for more.

First to admit, I am a huge Joanie stalker and make sure I keep any eye on their website so I can stay up to date with any newbies that come flying in. You can also sign up to their newsletter which will also help keep you in the loop. For me, their “no rules” approach to style is one of my favourite things. They style their dresses for casual or evening and encourage you to be a #JoanieGal any which way you want.

Untitled UntitledMy five festival favourites:

1: A jumpsuit.

Popping a jumpsuit in your festival pack up is one of those brain wave ideas that you are going to wish you had thought of. Style them with tops underneath, cardigans or jumpers over the top, fold the top half down and inside and you have a pair of trousers. The possibilities are endless. They just go. With everything.


2. Waterproof shoes.

This one goes without saying. Personally, I pack wellies or sun jellies but Doc Martins would also make the list. For all the walking, jumping, dancing and enjoying life you are intend to do, you need your feet. Take care of them. Make sure footwear is comfortable, waterproof and generally go with everything.


3. Glitter.

Yes, the cliche festival must have – glitter. Put it on your greasy roots, put it on the bags under your eyes, put it on your chapped lips. If you don’t want to take much makeup and wake up with a stinging headache / hangover – glitter will make it all better. From zero to hero in one small spritz. Because life is better with a bit of sparkle.


4. Headwear.

This one is a biggie for me. Having such long, thick hair I need it off my face and tucked away. Nobody likes sweaty hair on you neck while you’re dancing right? Headwear is my friend. Pack some wraps, scarves, pom pom headbands, cat ears, whatever you like they all apply.


5. Sunglasses.

When the lack of sleep and home comforts begin to catch up on you and you are wondering how you will get through the rest of the weekend – sunglasses. Pop on your darkers and dive head first into the day. Also – perfect for those early morning stumbles to the  port-a-loos when you want to look fabulous but actually feel like a plant pot.

Untitled UntitledUntitledMany thanks to:

Joanie Clothing

Normanton Party in The Park

Olivia Hanson & Heather Moir – photos

My Five Festival Favourites – click  below for more inspiration!


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